Polishing Magic: Bonastre's natural stone polishing kit for small areas

When it comes to restoring the natural shine of your surfaces, Bonastre USA has revolutionized the game with their Magic Renova Polishing Kit. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate DIY’er, this kit is your secret weapon for achieving stunning results without the need for harsh chemicals

What Is the Magic Renova Polishing Kit?

The Magic Renova Polishing Kit is specifically designed for small areas, making it ideal for those hard-to-reach spots that often get neglected. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Target Surfaces: The kit is perfect for marble, travertine, and limestone surfaces. Whether it’s your countertops, bathroom tiles, tables, stairs, or corners, the Magic Renova has got you covered.

  2. Easy Restoration: Say goodbye to etch marks, hard water deposits, and micro scratches. The Magic Renova restores surfaces to their former glory, bringing back the shine effortlessly.

  3. Ecological Solution: The best part? You don’t need any chemicals! The Magic Renova works its magic using only water. Yes, you read that right—no harmful substances, just eco-friendly brilliance.

  4. Multiple Sizes: Bonastre's Magic Renova system comes in various sizes so you have the right tool for every job! 

How Does It Work?

Using the Magic Renova Polishing Kit is a breeze and is comprised of easy to use products with a comprehensive instruction manual!

  1. Flexible Drill Plate: Attach the flexible drill plate to your drill. It’s your trusty companion for tackling those tricky spots.
  2. Abrasive Pads: The kit includes a variety of abrasive discs in different colors. Each color corresponds to a specific level of polishing and they are numbered on the back to make it even simpler. Start with step 1 and and work your way up to step 5, the green pad to achieve that mirror-like finish.


Who Can Use It?

  • Professionals: Flooring experts, restoration specialists, and maintenance professionals can rely on the Magic Renova for spot treatments and touch-ups. It’s a time-saving solution that delivers exceptional results.

  • DIY Enthusiasts: If you’re a homeowner who loves tackling home improvement projects, the Magic Renova is your new best friend. No need to hire expensive services—just grab your drill and get to work!

  • Institutions: any company or organization that has natural stone, and cares about their image, won't need to hire a professional to renew their countertops, tables, front desks, etc


The Magic Renova Polishing Kit by Bonastre USA is a game-changer. It’s efficient, eco-friendly, and versatile. So whether you’re a pro or a DIY’er, give your surfaces the love they deserve with the Magic Renova. Your countertops, tables, and stairs will thank you!

Ready to experience the magic? Check out the Magic Renova Polishing Kit here and let the shine begin! 🌟

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